OUT NOW — an analogue guitar stack simulator which has the overdrive characteristics of a classic British style doom amp. The shape section can be set variabely so you can achieve the sound of diverse 4×12 cab models. Use the PreAmp and the shape section combined or the PreAmp alone in combination with your effect chain through your interface to record with your computer. Or as a classic overdrive into your clean amp or straight through your effects loop. The icing on the cake is the ability to switch the signal directly to your headphones which makes you independent from your interface while jamming.

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These two custom built »FATALIST« have been commissioned by Hendric from PERSES.
Based on a well known diy business card circuit, we gave them more low end and some sweet Soviet NOS germanium diodes for a warm clipping stage. To top it off, we added a one knob Swedish death metal equalizer to go from warm to mayhem in only one small turn. The second foot switch activates an active blend to mix in your clean guitar signal or every other effect you want to mix with your »FATALIST« sound. As a bonus it works also as a buffer to freshen up the signal in your effect chain.
Hendric told us: »The pedals sound really great! We have already tested them intensively in our rehearsal space — very, very cool! We will definitely recommend you! Everything worked out perfectly, thank you very much!« Thank you for your kind words, dear Hendric!
If you want to be as happy with your gear as Hendric is, get in touch with us.


This custom built »BOOSTED PIGEON« has gone to Daniel from AHAB. It is an original LM308 powered R*T circuit as near as possible to the 70’s original. You can also choose between harsh LED clipping and the LOUD! lift off setting via switch.
With the optional booster you have the ability to drive it even harder — set to max the booster itself blends massive dirt into the signal.
We have only four LM308s left in stock and every »BOOSTED PIGEON« will have an individual etched enclosure. So hit us up if interested.


Check out this short O))) demo of our friend’s Ercü MOOR board featuring our super clean black boxed custom Booster/LM308 R*T clone … working title »THE BOOSTED PIGEON« — in best company with Ground FX, Line 6, ZCAT Pedals, Lehle & TC Electronic.


Finally. While the next projects are already on our workbench, we have some nasty pedalboard essentials for you as a starter.
SPUTNIKSHOCK — two effects in one box. The closest you can get to the Russian original doom fuzz in combination either with a spuring classic clean boost or a shaping analog octave up. Its blend knob allows to dial the ocatve in as much as you like.
CIRKELSÅG — we tried to get as close as possible to the orginal distortion classic you all know and love. Using NOS transistors and three ICs to give it a gnarly sound. In this edition strictly limited to three pieces.
MACKERMELTER — our friend Moonn Electronics asked us to do something cool with his PATRIARCHY MELTER PCB — so this is the result. This overdrive is strictly limited to three pieces in this edition and the majority of the income will be donated to women’s shelters in Hamburg — no means no, fuck sexist shit, smash patriarchy!
In addition to the devices that we gradually offer in our SHOP, we are also always open for custom builds and interesting projects — get in CONTACT.
Thank you for your support and sharing the love for nerdy and heavy noise gear!


On 21/5/21 our shop opens! While working on the next big thing, we will have some gnarly basics for you as a starter: CIRKELSÅG — our take on the true orginal distortion classic you all know and love. MACKERMELTER — a collaboration with our friend Moonn Electronics and his unreleased Patriarchy Melter overdrive. SPUTNIKSHOCK — two effects in one box — the closest you can get to the original russian doom fuzz paired with either optional boost or octave up. All handcrafted with highest quality parts in individually etched enclosures in strictly limited quantities. Stay tuned for updates and help us to fund some cool & heavy future projects by telling your gear nerd friends. Thank you!


Prototype of the TH/FX DRUM NOISE UNIT fed by a modded floor tom through an Orange CR120 amp (dirty channel) and a closed 2×12 Celestion bass speaker cab. So far, only the TH/FX DOM reverb is in between but every imaginable effect is possible.


TH/FX NOISEDEVICES — crafted individually with passion and best parts since MMXXI. Located in Hamburg, Germany. Started as the idea to build our own band’s gear because we couldn’t find quite what we were looking for. This is just the beginning. Thank you for your support and sharing the love for nerdy and heavy noise stuff! Stay tuned for updates.