These two custom built »FATALIST« have been commissioned by Hendric from PERSES.
Based on a well known diy business card circuit, we gave them more low end and some sweet Soviet NOS germanium diodes for a warm clipping stage. To top it off, we added a one knob Swedish death metal equalizer to go from warm to mayhem in only one small turn. The second foot switch activates an active blend to mix in your clean guitar signal or every other effect you want to mix with your »FATALIST« sound. As a bonus it works also as a buffer to freshen up the signal in your effect chain.
Hendric told us: »The pedals sound really great! We have already tested them intensively in our rehearsal space — very, very cool! We will definitely recommend you! Everything worked out perfectly, thank you very much!« Thank you for your kind words, dear Hendric!
If you want to be as happy with your gear as Hendric is, get in touch with us.