In addition to the devices that we gradually offer in our shop, we are also always open for heavy custom builds and interesting projects — 100% handmade, best metal parts, no cheap plastics, etched enclosure, every unit’s unique. Get in touch.


Custom build of the Levitation OSC by Noisio for our dear friend Eeli.

It is a 10-voice drone oscillator, switchable from sine to sawtooth waveforms, with an optional harsh noise mode.

“With its 10 oscillators, the Levitation OSC creates spherical sounds and beats right down to the deepest sub-basses. Sine and sawtooth waveforms are available in a wide frequency range. In addition to additive synthesis, there are optional noisio-typical 8-bit register overflows for chaotic sound calculations and a one-button random generator for a digital chimes. A signal at the Trigger In, or pressing the corresponding button, fades out the sound (ducking gate).” —

We housed it in a clean JJ aluminum enclosure, wired everything offboard, and used our high quality parts to make this great device even more stable and easier to use.

Get your easy-to-build Levitation OSC kit and other great projects directly from Noisio,


We had the exclusive permission to offer some units of the massive sounding Quantum Defrakulator drone synthesizer by Fredrik Lyxzén of Parasit Studio housed in our NKF enclosure.

It features three square wave oscillators, one low frequenzy oscillator, a lowpass filter, ring modulation, and glide/portamento between the sequencer notes. Each oscillator has independent controls for frequency and volume. With the LFO engaged, oscillator one turns into a three- or four-step sequencer.

It comes with an additional on/off switch in an etched JJ enclosure with a clear message — designed with our own TH/FX headline font.


We had the pleasure to develop, design, and build this special Geiger counter imitating device named RITA’S CRACKED POINTE SHOE for THE RITA.

»Noise generator custom designed to replicate the recent THE RITA Richard III and W.I.S.P. recordings which were all otherwise constructed via pre-recorded source sounds and bias heavy fuzz pedals. Beautiful work by TH/FX NOISEDEVICES.« — THE RITA

It can be used as a handheld device, has one killswitch, and one push button to control the speed of the Geiger counter sound. 100% handmade, best metal parts, no cheap plastics, unique design, etched enclosure.



The »FATALIST« is based on a well known diy business card circuit, but we gave it more low end and some sweet Soviet NOS germanium diodes for a warm clipping stage. To top it off, we added a one knob Swedish death metal equalizer to go from warm to mayhem in only one small turn.

The second foot switch activates an active blend to mix in your clean guitar signal or every other effect you want to mix with your »FATALIST« sound. As a bonus it works also as a buffer to freshen up the signal in your effect chain.


The »BOOSTED PIGEON« is an original LM308 powered R*T circuit as near as possible to the 70’s original. You can also choose between harsh LED clipping and the LOUD! lift off setting via switch.

With the optional booster you have the ability to drive it even harder — set to max the booster itself blends massive dirt into the signal.


We built THE GOLDEN CUT as an one of a kind piece for our friend José of Bombrec Recording Studio for recording our band’s project »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX«. Thx again for all your help, José!

Combined it is an octave up/down with smooth blend controls, going into a combo pedal made out of a modded germanium Fuzz Face and a classical Rat with the original LM308 chip.

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