Do you mass produce?

No, we do not. Each device is 100% handmade and therefore unique. While everything on the inside of the devices is meticulously designed, manufactured and tested, the design of the enclosures may differ slightly from device to device due to the DIY etching process. Furthermore, we only manufacture our devices in very small runs. So it can happen that the devices are already sold out shortly after they are placed in our shop.

What is your position on sustainability?

The clear and minimalist appearance of our devices is not only a question of design, we also deliberately avoid the excessive use of paints and varnishes. In addition, we try to use up to 80% components made in Germany or at least obtain them from German distributors. We only use cardboard as packaging material and generally manufacture without plastic wherever possible. For the etching process of the enclosures we only use caustic soda (NaOH). Unlike ferric chloride and other acids, this is much more environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of. After etching, we dip our German pretzels in it.

Do you sell direct and/or ship worldwide?

Yes. As we ship from Germany, there may be some local import restrictions applicable to you and/or costs you may have to pay locally before delivery.

How do you ship and what about the costs?

Our shipping fees are reasonable and we don’t aim to make profit on shipping, please check the latest charges upon order. We usually ship with DHL & UPS, and the fee always contains insurance to guarantee that you won’t have any trouble with your package. Delivery time depends on the destination and any holiday etc. exemptions in that period. Usually it shouldn’t take longer than 14 days worldwide. We will provide a tracking code so that you can check the status of the delivery once shipped.

What about warranty?

As the original owner, we offer a lifetime guarantee on your device. However, this guarantee does not include improper handling, wear parts, components that are no longer manufactured, and shipping costs. In the unlikely event of having any issues with your TH/FX device don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email first, and then send it back to us. We will repair/replace as required and return — you just have to pay the shipping fee.

What about my return rights?

By ordering online directly from us or from our Reverb shop you have the right to return your purchase within 14 days starting on the date of delivery. This does not include the refund of the shipping costs. Please get in touch with us before returning. Please note that custom made devices (or devices customized on your request) are not eligible for a refund.

What about payment?

We offer a safe checkout from our shop via PayPal only. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please get in touch so we can sort something out: contact.

What about VAT?

TH/FX is not allowed to charge VAT on its invoices by the application of the small business regulation according to GER § 19 UStG. Good for you.