Not for sale: NOISE KILLS FASCISTS — a drone synthesizer with three square wave oscillators and one low frequenzy oscillator which can be used as a three or four step sequencer. It goes directly into an Orange CR120 (dirty channel) and a closed 2×12 Celestion bass speaker cab. Built with the awesome Quantum Defrakulator MK2 PCB by Parasit Studio in a roughly etched JJ aluminium enclosure with a clear message. See the full Hi8 demo video here:


This is a protoype of a combined guitar stack simulator for your home recordings. In this case the PreAmp simulates the overdrive characteristics of a Rockerverb. The CabSim can be set variabely so you can achieve the sound of diverse cab models. Use the PreAmp and the CabSim combined or the PreAmp alone in combination with your effect chain through your interface to record with your computer or as a classic overdrive into your clean amp. We are planning on offering more amp models in the future — also a footswitch version. A demo will follow. Contact us if interested.


Another prototype — the TH/FX HARSH ANTI. It is a glitchy CMOS-based fuzz with full wave rectifier and 28 red LEDs. Primarily, we wanted to test how the power supply of the installed LEDs works. The signal goes directly through the device into an AD200.


We built THE GOLDEN CUT as an one of a kind piece for our friend José of Bombrec Recording Studio for recording our band’s project »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX«. Thx again for all your help, José! Combined it is an octave up/down with smooth blend controls, going into a combo pedal made out of a modded germanium Fuzz Face and a classical Rat with the original LM308 chip.


Prototype of the TH/FX DRUM NOISE UNIT fed by a modded floor tom through an Orange CR120 amp (dirty channel) and a closed 2×12 Celestion bass speaker cab. So far, only the TH/FX DOM reverb is in between but every imaginable effect is possible.


TH/FX NOISEDEVICES — crafted individually with passion and best parts since MMXXI. Located in Hamburg, Germany. Started as the idea to build our own band’s gear because we couldn’t find quite what we were looking for. This is just the beginning. Thank you for your support and sharing the love for nerdy and heavy noise stuff! Stay tuned for updates.