STACTOR GR412H Stacksimulator — SOLD OUT


Analog guitar stack simulator with classic British style doom amp overdrive characteristics — just plug in your headphones and start jamming. The first and second batch are already sold out — get yours from the third edition now.

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An analog guitar stack simulator which has the overdrive characteristics of a classic British style doom amp. The shape section can be set variabely so you can achieve the sound of diverse 4×12 cab models.

Use the PreAmp and the shape section combined or the PreAmp alone in combination with your effect chain through your interface to record with your computer. Or as a classic overdrive into your clean amp or straight through your effects loop.

The icing on the cake is the ability to switch the signal directly to your headphones which makes you independent from your interface while jamming.

Guitar, headphones, and cables are not included.

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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 200 × 190 × 120 mm