The TH/FX MELANCHOLIA is a hybrid monophonic desktop synthesizer with a big sound — but it is as small as a stompbox. It is based on a pulse wave modulated oscillator routed through a resonant low pass filter.

There are different ways to control the massive tonality of the MELANCHOLIA, either through light dependent resistors (LDRs) or through LED control via Vactrols (LEDs and LDRs combined). The cutoff, pitch, (oscillation) speed, modulation, and resonance pots let you control the device’s sound as you are used to with other synths.

The basic tuning (TUNING) and pulse wave modulation (PWM) pots enable you to define the sound basis of the MELANCHOLIA in detail.

The icing on the cake is the optional one shot mode and the optional use of the light dependent resistors, which let you achive a droning wah effect by controlling the amount of light hitting the LDRs.

On top, you can control the synthesizer with your sequencer by plugging it into the rear side CV and GATE jacks.

The MELANCHOLIA is a touring friendly and highly intuitive synthesizer with a massive in-your-face sound — put it in your modulation and distortion chain and you are good to go to build even higher walls of sound.