We started on 21/05/21 and we have been officially live for seven month today. It wasn’t the best time for lifting this passion into a business. Most of the time we couldn’t see each other in person and had to deal with things online, but anyways …

We want to thank all of you who helped us out, send us honest feedback, had conversations with us about crafting DIY gear, expressed interest in collabs and making demos, bought our devices, let us create custom devices for you, shared our devices on social media paired with warm words, and last but not least our suppliers who backed us in this unstable time with the high quality parts we need to build our stuff. You all made it possible that we can go on in the next year.

After these seven month we are still at the starting point and are really looking forward to what’s to come in 2022. So keep taking care of each other, show solidary with people in need, smash fascism, and support your local scene.

See you next year — hugs and kisses!

PS: We put the next device we are releasing already in the post — maybe you can spot it.