SPUTNIKSHOCK Doomfuzz Booster Edt. — SOLD OUT


Two effects in one box — the closest you can get to the Russian original doom fuzz paired with a classic clean boost.

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Two effects in one box. SPUTNIK — the closest you can get to the Russian original for all the good, warm, doomy fuzz. Modded to give it more low end, and the ability to change the clipping diodes from silicon (the orginal warm tone), lift off (loud!) and red LEDs (higher, louder, harsher distortion sound).

In combination, the SHOCK Booster — a classic clean boost to drive your SPUTNIK even harder on the input. Use it separately as a regular booster for all your other effects or dial it to eleven on single use for some nice overdriven boost.

True bypass, built on our own PCBs in an etched enclosure.

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Weight 700 g
Dimensions 200 × 190 × 120 mm